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About me

Odysseus Mourtzouchos is a Greek graphic designer, illustrator, architect and photographer based in Berlin, Germany. His multi-faceted approach to design has allowed him to work across a wide variety of fields, combining his skills on a single project, weaving aesthetic uniformity throughout. 

He studied Graphics & Information Design at the London College of Communication, and Architecture at Central Saint Martins in London and the Center for Alternative Technology in Wales. During his studies he passionately pursued the practice of photography, a skill that worked its way into his professional projects.

His work in graphics is versatile, ranging from pure digital to completely hand-drawn according to the needs of the project, though his personal drawing style has proven popular with clients. He often combines these skills with photography, producing final images of products, art, people or buildings. In the built environment, he specializes in sustainability and natural building, while his passion for community and humanitarian architecture led him to become part of ventures such as the Nakuru Children's Home in Kenya, the Jarahieh School Project and the Ibtasem Playground for Refugee Children in Lebanon. There he served as an architect, builder, photographer and often illustrator, painting murals for schools and playgrounds. 

For new job inquiries and to request more information about the projects shown here, please contact me via email.

CONTACT //  Email:  // Instagram: @0d_

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